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Russell Gardens Wholesale
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Perilla frutescens var.crispa, leaves resemble that of "Deadnettle". Wide and jagged, purple. This herb is a staple in Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Fresh leaves are often eating with sashimi(sliced raw fish)or cut into thin strips in salads, spaghetti, and meat and fish dishes. It is also used as a savory herb in a variety of dishes, even as pizza topping(initially it was used in place of basil). In the summer of 2009, Pepsi Japan released a new seasonal flavored beverage, Pepsi Shiso. The flowers are also edible. A very popular use of the Shiso leaf is a receptacle to hold wasabi, or various spreads, dips, or garnishes. Whole leaves are often combined with shrimp or other fried items. This red leaf form is popular for making pickled recipes as it adds a red color and basily flavor to the brine.

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