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Rosemarinus officinalis `Logee Blue', sky-blue, 20-50", March-April. This is the
single MOST BESTEST rosemary in the world! The story behind this, once in a lifetime(although he has had other great finds), is that of the Master of the Herbal Kingdom...Cyrus Hyde who is the world-renowned curator,perveyer,man-behind-the-mask, of Well-Sweep Herb Farm in Port Murray, New Jersey. So, in 1972, an estate's landscape in Connecticut was being "tweaked" where there was the removal of several large Rosemary bushes/trees by the then Country Greenhouses(now we know them as Logee's Greenhouse)and Cy while visiting noticed a difference, rather, something special about these particular forms. Nonetheless, Cy went home with some cuttings. With a little bit of time, observation, and unequal comparing, he determined these were unique qualities that he named the selection `Logee Blue' after Roger Logee from where he acquired them. Then in 1986, the confirmation came when Dr.Art Tucker, the world's foremost herbal chemist, proved under the microscope and testing of oil content, 58% alpha-pinine, 19% 1,8-cineole(eucalyptus-pine) that indeed it was of its own composition. Dr.Tucker, as respected in the herbal trade documented it as a registered cultivar! Our stock comes from Cy and his son Dave Hyde as original stock! Great friends of a trade(feather)stick together! like glue! Now, on with the 2 deciding factors! The color of the flower is an unmistakable BLUE! Then the culinary flavor it imparts(as proved by the chemical analysis)is unmatched! This gives a euphoric meaning to Rosemary Chicken Ka-bobs! Rosemary-garlic Talapia! and all the fishes of the deep blue sea! This makes any cow run for its life! Rosemary T-bone, Rosemary Filet Mignon!

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