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  • Model: HOSMFFF

Hosta `My Fine Feathered Friend', near white, 26", June-July. A sport of `Kiwi Gold Rush'. Veins 9-11. Ripples, shiny, sometimes cupped, medium green streaked with yellow feather-lookin center. Leaves 10"long by 8"wide. Mounds 20"high by 50"wide. Charlie Seaver, 2012. So, this really is blue-green with a gold margin 1/4"-1/2"wide that ages cream white as the season progresses. The center radiates with a yellow center rib(streak) that "feathers". The "feathering" resembles the abstract way people, artists, draw a feather! My "first" impression was that it looked like a "bird's foot" as when you hear the name you think "bird". So, out I go to find a pen from the colonial era with the feather on it. Close enough I found a "Yankee Doodle Hat"! I SAW THE "FEATHERING"! Each leaf!, not every other one, or randomly, EACH LEAF! bears this trait. Well puckered, corrugated, often cupped by its own forming. The idea of the "feather" was instinct by Charlie, and upon "reflecting" of his being, he thought of the many "FRIENDS" he had encountered throughout his presence here and about. Then, came into play the moniker that the HOSTA is the "Friendship Plant" And so was born, contrived, the name "My Fine Feathered Friend". Then, one must be familiar with the book of the same title its morals to man-kind. Along with this you associate the saying "Friends of a Feather Flock Together", although this was too long for the registry and also a pre-scripted "saying". And as his ULTIMATE tribute to his mother, Mildred Seaver, whom the "Hosta World" knows as "The Queen Of Hosta's" and "The Seas", he has chosen not to gain "monetary indignity"(some call it wealth and fame), by imposing a patent. That means once he releases it we may share it with more friends and make new friends, AND keep the friends we have! He achieves the greatest feeling of the human sense by "giving" in according with the teachings of his mother and the good Lord for whom we initially blessed to have the genus Hosta in our world. Thanks Charlie, my friend.
Registered Description: Mounds 20" high by 50"wide. Medium growth rate. Leaves 10"long by 8"wide, 9-11vp; medium green streaked with yellow feathering; 1/2-1"wide, slightly rippled, yellow margin; slightly shiny on top and underneath; broadly ovate, rounded base; lightly convex cupped. Flower scape 26-52", 2 1/2"long, near white, tepals very thick, sets viable seeds, 25 June-2 August.(sport of `Kiwi Gold Rush') So, I just looked at what I have! 4 pots total, and 2 surrendered! Aargh! The 2 surrendered where to a lady from Vermont! visiting her best friend for he 20th year in row! Her friend lives close by in Yardley, PA. So they stopped by hearing thru the "grapevine" that Russell's has a lot of hosta! They stopped up my cousin, the Russell gardens Center(retail) and my cousin (joe) said, " Think you want wholesale". He called me and alerted me to a "Lady from Vermont is coming down. She heard we have hostas. Just giving you a "head's up"". BAMM! They are "in toe" with 2 daughters who seem more inthused about the selection than I've seen at conventions even!. She though is very much overly intrigued by the choices!. SO, she picks out `My Fine Feathered Friend' oblivious to the price on the label! SHE JUST LIKE THE "Fine Feathered" marking in the leaf!!! She got for only $10!!!! But how could you not! Their daughters did the picking out! And they picked some GOOD ONES 'cause they knew the varieties! That's for conversation during our meetings! Del Val and Tri-State! AND National! Thanks for "Being a Friend" Charlie Seaver!

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