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Spartina patens, a species of "Cordgrass" NATIVE to the Atalnic(east) coast. From Negoundland soouth along the eastern United States to the Caribbean and north east Mexico. Found in marshlans. Resembling a hay-like grass found in upper areas of brackish(slightly salty, as in the mixture of river water and seawater) in estuaries(a partially enslosed body of "brackish water" with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a FREE CONNECTION to the OPEN SEA). Kinda like where you would find a Southern Cross if you were to sail on a sea. This is a slender wiry plant that grow in thick mats 12-24", green in spring an summer, and turns light brown in late fall and winter. The stems are wispy and hollow, and the leaves roll inward and appear round. Wind and water action can bens the grass, creatin the appearance of a field of tufts and cowlick(a tuft of hair that grows ina different direction from the reat of the hair, has nothing to do with licking a COW!). Flowers/spikelits are produced only on one side of the end of the stalks and hare DEEP PURPLE(you may have to listen to one of their tunes becore you're sold on it's use and purpose) from June-October and turn brown in the winter months. This grass serve as a pollution filter and as buffers against flooding and shorelaine EROSION! Found readily in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshie, and Rhode Island. zone3!-9. NATIVE

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