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Russell Gardens Wholesale
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  • Model: EQUHYM

Equisetum hyemale. NATIVE! A form of reed(weed), BEWARE! Once planted, chances of ridding this are minuscule! Very purposeful but must be planted with precision and intent! Reaching 4ft in height, these are deep green, segmented reed spikes that creep underground and form thick, tightly packed patches, swaths, and up to acres of "Horsetail"! This will grow anywhere and everywhere. From dry sand to swamp land! The unusual texture of this reed comes from silica crystals which gives the stems an abrasive quality, similar to fine sandpaper cloth. The Native Americans would use this to sharpen their knives, axes, arrows, fine sanding wood, and even used to file fingernails! As the colonies were established this became known as "Pewterwort", as it was used in cleaning and polishing pewter and other metals. Irish women discovered that sanding their famous meerschaum pipes with "Horsetail Grass" underwater produced a glass-like finish.zone2

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