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  • Model: CALINV

Callirhoe involucrata, neon-pink, 3" to a vining/straggling, running, trailing 3ft, June-July and sporadically 1 -3 flowers from now 'till then. "Poppy Mallow". All 9 species are NATIVE to the prairies and grasslands of North America! Named for the Mythology(of which I received an A++ for a report on Mythology in 6th grade!)Ohh, the history of the name as Scripps would describe! Origin Please: The genus is named for the Oceanid Callirrhoe in Greek mythology! The species in the trade is grown as a garden worthy form that will/can survive where our "Master Gardeners" want to site/plant it! It is best in a Rock Garden, loamy, scree-like. I has a TAP(not like a keg)root so in thick garden soil it may not survive. In a wall, or scrambling in a meadow! YES. Wikipedia calls the color "cerise" to reddish" I agree with that. "Poppy Mallow" zone 4

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