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  • Model: VANHEX

Vancouvaria hexandra, white, 10", March-April. A NATIVE although coming from the west coast this is beautiful! To the "unknowing" they would say "Wow, nice Epimedium!". And your respons, "Well, actually it's a Vancouveria". "Huh?". "Yea".
So goes this cool plant. Patch/clump forming to 20"wide. Actually blooms later than Epimediums. And I gotta "steal" Garden Vision's simaly of the leaves as being "duck-foot" shaped! This gives it away for us "plant nuts", and ALL its similarities! And again, Karen notes, the flowers have six flower parts instead of four(now count that you want-unna-be"). But, some things we share in our descriptive analogy, this is SUPER drought tolerant once established, looks great, grows in shade and in lousy soils as well as rich ones! Deciduous, though(dormant, not evergreen). Quite hardy, zone5.

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