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Longevity Spinach

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  • Model: HERBLONS

Gynura procumbens, a traditional herb used in Asian culinary! Research has proved that it is an efficient regulator of blood sugar! In tests it lowered blood sugar levels in diabetics. At the same time it protects the kidneys and retinas from damage caused by high blood sugar! It also lowers blood cholesterol and triglycerides, lowers blood pressure, and has anti-inflammatory and antiviral activity! The edible YOUNG leaves are eaten FRESH IN SALADS or STIR-FRIED with garlic and oyster sauce. Originally found in China, Southeast Asia, and Africa and has just now become available on a SMALL commercial stage! The research has proved that Gynura lowers blood sugar levels and can be used SUCCESSFULLY! in treatment of diabetes! Gynura is the complete health package for a diabetic patient! THee! only place elsewhere you may find this plant, and PAY FOR IT!, is at a health practitioner of HERBS, or Apothocary remedy store and then you will pay $40.00 for a 20 pill bottle?! Grows well n in both shade and sun, but semi-shade(both)is best/ Bright light indoors and worm to 50 degrees. If it goes below 60degrees you may/will see that it appears to struggle but it re-generates from root. BUT! the purpose is to have the leaves available all year so growing it warm all year round is the ideal situation in bright light, warm sunlight, not overwatered. AND using! the leaves daily! EVEN if it's in a tea!(2-4leaves! steeped!) The leaves eaten raw are "earthy and woody" but a little sautee like spinack or in a tea, taste GREAT! and especially 3 leaves in a salad a night! awesome! Any dressing distracts from the "woodsy" taste! Add the leaves to soups! BUT DO NOT DISCARD THE LEAVES, EAT THEM! Here's what I di, Ramen noodles(whatever flavor)3 leaves chopped up! AWESOME! and I didn't take any "tablets" for the benefits! Received from Philadelphia Orchard Project 9 Nov,2018!and rooted 21 Nov,2018!

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