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Plectranthus madagascariensis `Variegatus'(`Lynne'), white, 8-10", August-October. The leaves are pungently-minty when crushed. Not a culinary herb. A groundcovering, evergreen in season, herbaceous plant. Looks like a Cuban Variegated Oregano except for its habit and thicker fleshy leaves. Also its cold hardiness! This is thriving as of 1 November at the Fruelinghausen Arboretum, Morristown NJ! And they've already had 3 nights of freezing temps! Sprawling and trailing to 3ft or until it stops at something or you trim it back. NOT invasive! Just a great large patch former. If you are looking for an herbal reason to get one you can hang a bunch of branches around the house or lay along the windowsill to ward off flies?. 100% deer resistant AND other critters. The foliage is to pungent to munch. However, the larval caterpillars of a number of species of moths and butterflies thrive on the leafy parts of the plant. #1 for a drought resistant plant! They appear to wilt and remain in a state of flaccid semi-dormancy until it rains again and perk right up as though they didn't miss a day!

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