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Cat Thyme

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Teucrium marum, lavender-purple, 12-20", June-July. Tiny silver leaves are Powerfully scented of camphor and mint. Small shrubby appearance and habit. Woody stems. A soft white fuzz covers the upper side of the leaf; the underside has a duller, grey-green pubescence, a combination that gives the impression that the plant is enveloped in fine silver mist. Although quite hardy it should not go below 30 degrees. Cat Thyme was used as a gallbladder tonic and stomach aid. Crushing its leaves can prompt sneezing so it was added to herbal snuffs and other remedies for the "disorders of the mind". The leaves taste bitter followed by a sensation of heat(hot flash). BUT, the common name "Cat Thyme" comes in because the essential oil released is nepetalactone, which has a powerful effect on the senses of cats making them roll, flip, rub, and eventually "zone out" on it! These "happy" moments may last up to 10minutes! We dubbed it "Kitty Crack"(not to used commonly when dealing with normal people. The negative addiction is no way inferred!)

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