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  • Model: HERBCOS

Tanacetum balsamita, stiff, leafy stalks rising from spreading rhizomes. Upward-pointing, silvery-haired, pale green leaves can measure as large as 12 by 2 inches. Flowers are in clusters of tiny yellow buttons, blooming at the top of 3-foot stalks. Blooms are VERY FRAGRANT. Costmary leaves are bitter and slightly lemony. They are used fresh in salads, frsh or dried for flavoring, especially meats, poultry, and English ale. Costmary leaves were dropped into a flat pint of ale to bring the drink back to life. Young leaves can be added to fruit salads, cold soups, and green salads. The common name "Bible Leaf' comes from the large, oblong leaves making neat, fragrant bookmarks. When the sermon grew boring and drowsiness set in

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