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Plectranthus `Duckfoot'. (Cuban Oregano "Duckfoot"). Small, felty/fuzzy leaves are super FRAGRANT with hints of MINT and LAVENDER. Sprawling habit. Snip the tip and dice a few leaves for confections(I think that means "desserts")or let it sprawl over the side of your HERB dish you made. When friends, family come over, sneak a leaf and crumble it and they will sing, "What's that smell?" Gifted from a plant nut friend Barry Bush, Sep'19. (I think to myself, if we were playing hide-and-seek, if you looked under the rarest "bush" in the yard, YOU'LL find him there...taking a cutting) Keep this indoors during the winter. Outdoors in a basket or container sitting on top of something so it trails during the summer and you will see little duck feet everywhere, sparing any droppings. The fresh ;eaves are used to season fish and goat in the islands. Chopped in chili pastes (like Jerk Seasoning but without using Onion and Garlic due to the strong flavor of Duckfoot Oregano). Served with rice in Java and Malaysia, and used in curries. In America, used as a substitute for Sage in poultry stuffing. Used on artichokes, duck, ham, lamb, leeks, potatoes, pork, pumpkin, sausages, and veal. Medicinally, in Cuba!(Cuban Oregano), practitioners made a tea from the leaves to help with digestive problems, respiratory ailments and arthritis. In Indonesia the dried leaves are added to soups to increase the quantity of a nursing mother's milk. In India it is mixed with sugar, boiled down into a syrup that is used as a homeopathic remedy for coughs and sore throats. Crushed leaves rubbed on the skin act as an insect repellent. AND the best of ALL! Eating a FRESH leaf NEUTRALIZES capsaicin! My favorite HOT PEPPERS. The world's top 5 that I grow every now and then!

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