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Levisticum officinale. Perennial with hollow, ribbed stems and glossy, dark green, tri-part leaves. Tiny, greenish-yellow flowers in umbels from June to July 3-4ft high. Mounds can get to 4ft wide.
All parts are edible: leaves, seeds, and roots. Can be grown practically anywhere in your garden from full sun to part shade. Flavor: Strong celery-like flavor with a bit of parsley and citrusy zing! A most common use is Lovage Soup and salads. Sauces, veggies, potatoes, tomatoes, rice, chicken, pork, and strongly flavored fish. Stems can be boiled or sauteed as a side dish or slice them into salads, stews, and soups. Seeds have a celery-bite to be used anywhere you may use celery powder, garlic powder to season bread, soups, roasts, cheese dishes. You can use whole seeds for pickling, brines, salads, salad dressing, and sauces, stews, and any baking. And the roots you would sautee or crush for use.
Lovage Soup:
1oz butter,
4tbs finely chopped lovage leaves,
1-3 onions chopped,
3tbs flour,
2cups chicken broth,
1cup milk,
salt and pepper.
Melt butter and sautee onions. Add lovage and flour. Whisk in broth and simmer for 20 minutes. Add milk and simmer.
Try these recipes if you're not sure how to use LOVAGE:
Lovage Tea,
Sauteed Lovage Stalks,
Lovage and Lemon Chicken,
Potato Salad with Lovage,
Lovage Garlic Vinaigrette,
Tomato and Lovage Pastatta Sauce

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