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DILL(2010 of year)

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Anethum graveolens.A hardy annual with a tall, graceful habit to 3-5ft resembling fennel. Yellow-green to white flowers in umbels from summer to fall. Clip fesh leaves at the stem as needed to flavor many foods. The seeds are famous for making pickles. There are many dill varieties to choose from for either seed or foliage production. Full sun with rich, well-drained soil.Use dill leaves,clippings,in all salads such as potato,egg,macaroni.Especially usful in all kinds of dips.Use on green beans,baked potatoes with sour cream,carrots,cabbage,and all other farm fresh vegeatbles.Chicken,fish,all soups.
Garden uses for dill would be to plant it near cabbage,onions,lettuce,or around your whole vegatble and herb garden to deter insects.The flowers are used in bouquets.Dill is used by the monarch caterpillars late season and all season by all other butterflires.
8oz cream cheese
1tbs fresh DILL
1tbs chopped CHIVES
1tbs minced PARSLEY
any kind of bread
3oz thinly sliced salmon(smoked is delicious)
Stir everything together except tha salmon.About 1 1/2tbs per sandwich and sprinkle the salmon on top.Cut in fancy squares,triangles,rectangles, or devour whole!Don't forget to wash it down with a glass of wine or beer!MMMmmm,good,aahh!

DILL PESTO(Todays Herbal Kitchen)
1cup fresh DILL
1/2c fresh PARSLEY
1/4c Parmesan cheese
1/4c nuts(almonds,walnuts,pine)
2 cloves garlic(more if you like garlic)
1/2c oil
1/2tsp salt
1c grated Swiss cheese
Combine evrything except the Swiss cheese in a blender/processor and grind.Add the swiss cheese last.If to thick add more oil.Use on/in everything!Noodles,fish,chicken,steaks,meats.
Make a ton and freeze it.It lasts forever!Happy Dillin'!

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