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  • Model: SOLPUB

Solidago puberula, yellow, 39", September-November. RARE in the trade! It's NATIVE! It's S.puberula(you kinda wanna just say it fast, "puberella", like Cinderella?. There's like ONLY 2 native here in the States of America! Here's how RARE to COMPARE this:
Solidago puberula subsp. puberula(this what we have, I think, haven't held it upside-down yet!)
Solidago puberula subsp. pulverulent(pulverizenta?).
"pulverlize"has smaller but more leaves(literally?, 50-110!, halFway up the flowering stem. AS OPPOSED TO the "species" we have, straight "puber" which carries JUST 10-60 leaves per stem!?
Either WAY it's SUPER NATIVE to us! East Coast, All along the roadside(All Along The WATCHTOWER)
Solidago puberula is a perennial HERB.Woody rootstock.Leaves are toothed, tapering to the tip, hairy on both sides(PUBERLUNT!)it's a word! for a RARE plant and we got some!
here's the rest of the picture: Flowers are in elongate(longish), paniculiform array(straight-up and cone-fountain shape, 15-250 flowers per stem! They're 9-16 per cluster! 6-15 INDIVDUAL daises if you went AS CLOSE AS THE BUTTERFLIES!
We're gonna build 'em and share 'em. From Rare Find Nursery, Jackson, NJ. NATIVE to eastern North America, south to Florida and Louisiana. Dry sites. "Downy Goldenrod"

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