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  • Model: SOLGRA

Solidago graminifolia,yellow,24-48",July-October.Fine-textured linear foliage and flat topped inflorescens.Thrives in moist meadows,fields,thickets,and along roadsides.All in average soils.The flat-topped floral arrangement and narrow leaves of this Goldenrod are distinctive.S.tenuifolia has grass-like leaves with tiny resin dots and only one rib or vein.The similar, still smaller S.microcephala has leaves less than 1/8"(3mm)wide, with tufts of minute leaves in the axils.s.graminifolia is found across southern Canada;New England south to North Carolina;northwesterly to South Dakota and Minnesota.NATIVE.zone3-9.Flower:heads about 1/5"(5mm)long,with 10-20 ray flowers and 8-12 disk flowers.Leaves 3-5"(7-12.5mm)long,narrow,elongated,pointed,with 3-5 veins."Lance-leaved Goldenrod", "Flat-topped Goldenrod"(Euthamia graminifolia).Spreads from a branching rhizome to form large patches. "Grass-leaved Goldenrod", "Fragrant Goldenrod"(the flowers smell like honey)

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