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Placing on Order

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Please note, only current wholesale customers should order via our web site. If you are in the trade and would like to become a Russell Gardens Wholesale customer please complete an application. You will be provided with a customer number to use to logon to the customer only areas of the web site. If you have any questions please call 215-322-4799.
Please place orders as early as possible, availability is based upon receipt date of
your order. A simplified “Perennial Order Form” is enclosed for your convenience.
Please retain the “Wholesale Catalog” for your reference. We recommend orders
consisting of 20 varieties or more be sent in writing via Fax or Mail from April through
Orders with a pick-up or delivery date of April 1st to June 1st must order individual
varieties in multiples of 6, up to a quantity of 50 or more. Otherwise a $1.00 per pot
handling charge will be added to the plant price. You may pick your own order of
smaller quantities during this time to eliminate the charge. You must have order
approved by office before picking. You may also pick your own order any time
throughout the season.
Order qty: 6, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48. Base price per pot $3.85 (unless indicated)
Order qty: 1-5, 7-11, 13-17, 19-23, 25-29, 31-35, 37-41, 43-47, 49. Base price $4.85
(unless indicated)
We try to accommodate all order changes, but we do recommend that they be
made no later than 2 business days prior to receipt of your order. Least number of
changes, if any, always contributes to achieving accuracy in processing of your
All plants are offered subject to availability. In the event of crop failure and
shortages we will send the nearest available substitute Unless You Request
otherwise on your order.
We try to comply with all our customers who use purchase orders, and will refer to
the number on all correspondence. We only have these numbers if they are given
to us at the time of order. The number’s absence on an invoice is not an
accepted excuse for late or non-payment.
This catalog cancels all previous catalogs and prices. Prices are subject to
change without notice. Prices invoiced will be those in effect at time of shipment.
A delivery date should be made at the time of ordering. We appreciate your
immediate needs and will strive to do everything possible to accommodate you on
a short notice basis. When you've taken the time to schedule in advance, you will
receive top priority and greater diligence in assembling of your order. Delivery is
not included in the value prices listed in the catalog. Delivery charges apply as
follows: 20 cents per pot (shipping and handling) plus Delivery Truck Time charge at the
rate of $90.00 per hour. Minimum time charged for any delivery will be 1 hour.
Truck time is determined upon the shortest route to and from the order destination.
Customers are expected to provide assistance in the unloading of delivery trucks
to expedite the process, so that all our customers may benefit from timely service.
Deliveries to job-site are on a C.O.D. basis only. Even if you have an approved
credit account, prior approval from our office is needed to be exempt from this
policy. There must be a qualified member of your staff present to accept an sign
for your order. Under no circumstances will a client of a contractor or garden
center be allowed to sign for an order.
Orders should be placed at least 2 business days prior to pick-up. Walk-in
customers are always welcome, BUT, must realize that between March 10th to June
1st, they may have to wait a substantially long amount of time for their order to be
pulled, or pick their own order. Top priority goes to those who have scheduled
As customers order plants for specific purposes and ship times, we must assume
that the plant material will be taken by corresponding, expected dates. These
dates generally reflect a time frame just prior to a plant’s partiCular window of
bloom time or point of production readiness. Plant material will not be reserved
beyond these points of readiness unless specifically coordinated. If that stage is
reached, and the customer is not prepared or not willing to receive as scheduled,
the “ready” inventory from the order will be removed from reserve and place back
into general availability for sales.
All sales are on a C.O.D. basis, unless you have a pre-approved credit account
with us. Credit application are available upon request. Allow 2-4 weeks for
All sales on your credit account are net 30 days from invoice date. A 2% finance
charge will be assessed for invoices which are past 30 days. Any account which
shows invoices over 60 days will automatically revert back to a C.O.D. basis until
their account is once again current. PAYMENT RECEIVED ON ACCOUNT WILL BE
NO EXCEPTIONS! We reserve the right to terminate any account if payments are
continually or unreasonably slow. The entire account balance will be due at that
time. Monthly statements will be sent which will reflect finance charges and
account status. Please pay close attention to your statement, as it will show any
adjustments that were made to invoices. Please note your account number
(customer number) on payment checks if possible to assist in the application of it.
We are not responsible for los or damages caused by delays in delivery from
strikes, acts of war, fire, casualty, inability to obtain materials, or other causes
beyond our control.
Acceptance of our stock constitutes acceptance of our terms. We accept
all orders subject to crop conditions. We also reserve the right to cancel a
portion of our stock, or all thereof, should injury befall our stock from
windstorm, frost, error in count, insect and disease injury, or there natural
causes beyond our control. All orders are processed subject to crop yield
and may be prorated in the event of a smaller crop due to frost, flood,
drought, disease, etc. All orders are accepted without liability for
non-performance if labor shortages or delay in transportation should prevent
us from making a delivery. We strive to keep our varieties true to name and
will replace any portion of the stock that may prove otherwise, or refund the
purchase price paid for such portions. In no event shall Russell Gardens
Wholesale, Inc. be liable for any other incidental or consequential damages
(including loss of profit) of any kind, whether based on contract or any other
legal theory. All transactions are said to have taken place in Churchville, PA.
To expedite solving any discrepancies, claims must be made by calling our
office within 3 business days of order receipt. All returned plants must have a
return authorization from our office. Returns for other than plants shipped in
error are subject to our inspection for damages, and you will be charged a
10% restocking fee, plus any freight charges incurred.
Ordering with us Implies Acceptance of Our Terms.
Thank You for Your Patronage, Russell Gardens Wholesale, Inc.
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