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  • Model: JUNTEN

Juncus tenuis. Native perennial rush that typically gets 4-12" tall. Often densly tufted with erect to ascending stems that are light to medium green, slender, glabrous, and unbranched. Each stem terminates in a branching inflorescen at its apex; this inflorescen has one or more umbel-like clusters of chaffy flowers. The bloom period is during the summer although the young , 1st year plants that may form tend to bloom later in the fall creating a long bloom period effect. Full sun to light shade, moist to wet soils, heavy clay-loam, clay, or gravelly soil. This rush withstands considerable trampling in paths and compacted soil. It is more tolerant of drought than many other rushes. Habitats include open woodlands, gravelly seeps, foot paths with compact soil(where it is especially common), pastures, and abandoned fields. With maturity, the foliage of J.tenuis becomes stringy and tough. The tiny seeds become sticky when wet and cling readily to the feathers of birds, fur of mammals, shoes of humans, and tires of motor vehicles; by this means, they are distributed to new locations. zone4
"Soft Rush", "Path Rush"

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