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  • Model: HOSBIGBAS

Hosta `Big Bastard', HUGE, HUGER, HUGEST! Land Of The Giants 7/30/20. From Giantland but not processed as OS? Can a tc labs reproduce to/at the size receivered(received + severed in 2!=receivered! Check Webster's Pink! 12" flower and this a 12-foot mound! ant 5 foot HIGH as of 21 August 2021. Jeff's on the mend. He's NOT CLOSED YET. So he was walking past his "SEEDLINGS" bed and saw this ONE! And he exclaimed, "Wow, that's a Big Bastard? 2ft tall, in a long USPS shipping box, WITH THE TRIANGLE! and clump so thick I got 2!
Holy meew(Moo!- got it! Moo that Big Bastard(misspell and even GRAMMERLY didn't "pick it up"! Said "word unknown"?! So this leaf is 3ft wide, SUPER crinkled and wrinkled, thick, as Big as A Bastardo. So Grammarly thought is was Bistro? and after 5 came up with No Brake Retarders going downhill this is where he foudn What The Hill Phil, because they decided to Dig Phil 'cause IT ran down the hill. So Jeff must of yelled! "Stop" What The Hill Phil!
So BIG BASTARD, Giantland Big Bastard REVIVED! while passing by and exclaiming "What a big bastard"(seedliing). Stock from Phil 7/30/20. and before Train Tracks, Driving That Train. SO: HUMONGOUS, the AGHA (American Hosta Growers Association) need to re-think HOW BIG IS BIG! Mounds 7-10 feet wide and 4 minimum 5 average with SUPER PUCKERED leaves, very CORRUGATED, and you'll need some sort of mechanical help to dig any kind of "piece" uo!

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