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BULLFROG(OSx10!)Not For Sale

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  • Model: HOSBUL

Hosta `Bullfrog' a.k.a "Wally's Bullfrog" (Hoover). Variegated sport of `Krossa Regal'. See if we can "get a piece". Russo has one, I think he got it on the on-line? 2016. M.j says she "got a piece". I little tiny "shoot"?". Warren stopped by also. we investigated this "mouse" issue! I got load at times! Like a Bull-Frog! Croak! Burp!, and slap the tongue to "catch that fly"! Register for 2018 AHS convention and see if we can BID on AN OS!!! Once Again!! SPECTACULAR HOSTA! There's about 5-10 that reach THIS STANDARD! of Original Stock!
Here's a reprint of the original:
Hosta `Bullfrog', no bloom!, really!. MEDIUM in real life if you grow it nicely. Mounds 13"high by 20"wide. Leaves 7"lomg by 3"wide(12-13vp); super twisty, center is white and speckled like a bullfrog with wide Bavarian Forest Deep Pine Christmas green! Oh, more on the registered original; creamy white; dark green margin; flat:?, slightly shiny on top(yea), slightly shiny underneath(this ne gets me, shiny or not!)what's slightly? "we didn't hold the leaf upside down long enough?" we're on tour! let alone a COLLECTION of hosta nuts in 2018! We're ALL GONNA/WANNA BE a "bullfrog"! I think there's even a H. `Jeremiah'? AHS Auction 2018! One of 7! in the Nation from Wally himself!

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