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  • Model: HOSTBFO

Hosta `The Big Five-oh', National Convention Gift Hosta 2018, in Philadelphia, PA. Phifty in Philly Convention Hosta! NOT FOR SALE! By registration ONLY!
Charlie Seaver cross pollination. 2-6yr old plant. Committee approved and ALL unanimously decided upon as a NATIONAL GIFT idea of a hosta, and registered!
Land of the Giants started, Russell Gardens Wholesale kept an "eye on" 'till the "get to gether or gather", and included in YOUR GIFT BAG! You'll have to put it in the room for 4 days! Prevelidged to be a MEMBER of the AHS!

By registration only!! DO NOT CALL! Register!

314 allocated! NO reserve! Maybe at the "bid". The Auction we have if you missed registration? I think you may pay , I know you will pay BECAUSE THE RESEVERED BID IS ALREADY set at $300.00. Which means, Mike Shadder-your-rack, or Charlie the Chuck Seaver, or Don the Dean, and another good one is Dave-will-Chopko your wallet! for THIS ONCE OF AN OFFER! After this YOU CAN NOT claim it as OS(Original Stock)! I AM not ALLOWED TO DIVIDE IT! This is the GIFT HOSTA for 2018!!! Register NOW and again when you tell your friends! At least stay over night for the banquet and the auction! I think it's goes on for 2 nights tonight?! Same Day different times?

But this is going to 2006 of my closest friends(on my Constant Contact List). In alert and Totally Awesome event in 2018!

I think we'll have some PIG that week-end! Stay tuned. BETTER YET!Register NOW! this, the real 50 year anniversary for our cool "society"!

Hosta `The Big Five-oh'. MEDIUM. Looks to be a "flared bell" with striping about 22-30", August-September. Mounds 14-16"high by at least 30"wide and probably more like 40"wide. Leaves 6"long by 2"wide(12vp); arrow-shaped, pronouncely veined appears to be the "collector's" desire; tapered to a point; appears to be great multiplier! The eyes are small at the base of the crown and literally become their own plant quickly that fall apart with little to no effort. Excellent substance, rubbery, leathery.

Seems like WE MADE IT! To the convention and Phifty-In-Philly 2018 no matter your AGE! If YOU WANT IT come and GET IT! By registration ONLY 1st ISSUE!

Verbally I am NOT ALLOWED to PRINT THIS but:
Hosta `The Big Five-oh', near white, 30-40", June-July. MEDIUM and ROBUST. Mounds 30"high by 50"wide(11-13vp); dark green with flat margins; VERY SHINY on top; VERY SHINY underneath; broadly ovate with cordate base; lightly concaved overall. Notable: Very deep veins. Young clumps are flat on top. Mature clumps show-off their arching dome shape.(Charlie Seaver, 2017, seems Charlie lost track of the genology(parentage)as it's UnKnown). The scape is green. Flower is tubular and 3"long. That about wraps it up without a page of MADD-lib WHy You Should Have It! Maybe because it would make many of us 50 years old, enough to know better, but still to young to care, WHere Your Hobby May Take You.

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