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  • Model: HOSTAS

Hosta `Totally Awe Sum', lavender, 24-36", August-October! (3 months! "awesome"!)in bloom! Bloomers, bloomin', and bloomin' onion!". MEDIUM and if ya grow it just like it likes! LARGEish! Mounds 18" high by 30"wide. Leaves 7" long by 5" wide(7-9vp); Light green sometimes white; greenish-yellow 1/2"wide stripe between center margin AND margin? (whaaat? awesome? now we are going margin into margin?! I liiike it! KEEP COLLECTING!) 4 color bands? whaaat! again! Awesome! We just had an eclipse? I looked and saw something totally 'Awesome" or Awe Sum! Really NOTHING! The best thing we can have is "I can see you" and if you can't but still know you can? AWESOME! I'm in! back to the REGISTRAR!: heavily rippled; slightly shiny on top; dull underneath; intensely wavy, moderately twisted, corrugated and folded, and lightly flat and cupped, broadly ovate; tapered base; petiole is Rippled lower edge leaves involves upper petiole(what-the-heck?). The colors of the rainbow on an H.`Sum and Substance' sport. (M. Koller, 2003). Land of the Giants 8/24/17! This is Totally Awesome to have! And we'll share it with all you in 2018! Phifty In Philly National Convention! See-ya. Totally awesome to be a "piece of it"!*lost my stockpot 2019!* First Look 2002 Kevin Vaughn & Frances Williams Awards (Best Sport Judges & Attendees)

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