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  • Model: HOSOUD

Hosta `Outhouse Delight', lavender, 18", July. SMALL. Mounds 8"high by 12-20"wide. Leaves are 5 1/2"long by 2"wide. New leaves emerge near white and white and slowly develop green speckles and as the season ends, all green. Considered to be outright "ugly", I guess so. Definitely nothing spectacular, In fact, somewhat difficult to keep going if grown in a pot/continer. Better suited in the grounds but then its the first one the voels are gonna eat. Its an H.`Udulata' seedling so all the "smells" from an outhouse are there. Leaf blade narrow, wavy, and thin-substance. We had to get this one in 2006 when we were a tour garden during the national convention and we had our ORIGINAL outhouse at the start of our display garden! So we put this in the "hopper"(in a "pot" of course). (1998 T.Avent) I didn't physically check this yet but I KNOW I got it and it's from TONY! I say, OS x 2= os!! In our days of arithmatick then lyme! it's as good as going to the Outhouse and do what ya gotta do. During our NATIONAL tour in 2006 we had TONY'S pot! in the "hopper" and OUR REAL outhouse! we moved to show YOU MADE IT after the 50 yard dash to the outhouse by, Will He make It, and Betty Doesn't. Top 5 on New Yorks fiction list! for 2 weeks! That's how long YOU MAY want to "set aside" for this convention! We are the "OUT-HOUSE" of all those hosta and ORIGINAL STOCK, you don't have to wipe to get the best! That's MY REAL PICTURE! of Tony's stock! I only got 3 pots! Kinda NOT FOR SALE! I'll check and then call Tony and see what's up? I've been "hiding it" to let it "thicken'" up!

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