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Pelargonium citronellum `Mabel Grey'. Maple shaped leaves, course substance, pointed tips. The strongest lemon-scented form is known! Literally ascribed to as a naturally occurring hybrid of P.scabrum x P.hispidum. This a prized possession of the scented geranium grower as it behaves very slowly and wants to resist reproduction. But once conquered and establish she succumbs to easy tip cuttings and only gets her way by pressuring your patience in taking her leisure time to root! We've established and we've conquered! Simply carrying a leaf in your pocket will provide the best aromatherapy you could ever imagine! The culinary uses with this will astound your senses! Use in cakes, teas, punches, desserts, jellies. A potpourri of this beats any fragrance spray, plug-in, stick-up on the market! Flowers are not often and quick when they do come, good pink with bright rose eyes on top two petals. When it does flower you'll feel your quest has been achieved! INTENSE lemon fragrance, light purple flowers, stiff, ridged leaves, open fan-shaped leaves; must have good air circulation and soil on the dry side; heavy feeder needs a lot of fertilizer; discovered in Kenya, 1960.

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