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Russell Gardens Wholesale
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Ocimum sanctum or tenuifolium. Also may be known as 'Tulsi' or 'Sacred', this basil is grown in houses, gardens and near temples all over India. Spicy clove-scented leaves used in salads and other cold dishes. Comes in green form or purple tinged leaf form, growing 2ft. Holy Basil is associated with the Hindu god Vishnu and is used for medical protection in ayurveda (holistic whole-body healing). It fortifies the immune system to fight infection, increse digestive function and jiuces, and protects against ulcers and radiation. It fights both oxidative stress and inflammation with its antioxident and anti-inflammatory properties. As a flower essence, it brings sacred sensuality.. The intense flavor includes hints of clove, mint, and basil. Holy Basil both calms and energizes the spirit, quells anxiety and grief, and brings clarity and focus to the mind. It has been clinically proven to lower blood sugar, bad cholesteral, and triglycerides, and reduces sugar cravings. Use fresh or dried. Tea: 1 tsp dried basil per cup 1-3 times daily. Holy Basil and Lemon Balm: 1tsp each herb in 1 cup of tea before bedtime calms your energy, lifts your mood, anti-anxiety, and great for workaholics to de-stress!

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