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  • Model: HERBALO

Aloe vera(A.barbadensis miller)When we think of "Aloe", we think of this, the most popular, well-known variety. Long, tapering, succulent leaves with soft spines. Occasional flowers are on a tall stalk, reaching 2-3ft, drooping, tubular, red to yellow. Thrives with little attention in full sun and well-drained soil, kept on the dry side.Aloe has been shown to heal as well as to prevent radiation burns, cut the healing time of fire burns by at least half, and heal ulcers, dermatitus and skin diseases caused by parasites.Aloe successfully heals cuts, blisters,sores and acne.It improves skin texture and helps eliminate dryness, ITCHING, eczema, psoriasis and other skin diseases.Studies have shown that aloe regenerates skin cells, eliminates scarring and promotes the regeneration of natural skin color.The clear gel inside the leaf has an immediate soothing effect.To obtain the gel, cut a leaf in half along its length and apply the inner pulp to the affected area.

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