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odoratum var.pluriflorum DOUBLE STUFF(OSx10!!)

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  • Model: POLYDS

Polygonatum odoratum var pluriforum `Double Stuff', white, bell-shaped, dangling flowers along the arching stems, 18-26", May-July and then some. Just incase you're wondering: there are at least four "wide edged" forms somewhere out there. The one most available is one called P.`Doouble Wide'. THIS is noticeably different than just "double wide"(like all double "DD"'s aren't the same?) This is red stemmed/stalked, and the white margin is easily 1/2 the leaf!. P.`Double Wide' is just what it says, double wide. This could be named HALF stuff. And actually from a growing point of observation. These leaves are decidly pointed also as opposed to the more rounded leaves of P.`Double Wide. P.`Double Stuff' does not want to multiply any time quickly! Very slow to set new rhizomes and eyes. Ours is Original Stock from Bill Lamack 18 Sep'17 who found this and sent it to Dan Heims at Terra Nova Nursery, Oregon. They patented it but could not get to take in tissue culture so Dan meticulously would cut rhizomes the size of your pinky fingernail and reproduced it. This soon ceased! So if you got one of these. Take a second look and see if you are still "double stuffing" it! The patent still has several years to expire so this can only be a gift pant within my "inner circle"! pp#19624. And especially being Original Stock, hmmm. Priceless!!

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