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Bible Garden

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Aloe Vera(in a pot);   John 19:39-40, Numbers 24:6

Cumin;  Isaiah 28:25, Matthew 23:23

Dill;  Matthew 23:23

Fig(in a pot);  Micah 4:4

Mint;  Luke 11:42

Oregano;  Psalms 51:7

Rue;  Luke 11:42

Wormwood(Artemisia);  Revelations 8:11, Jeremiah 23:15

Violets Sweet(Viola odorata)

Nigella sativa(Love in a Mist)

Crocus sativa(Saffron)

Anise; Matthew 23:23

Hyssop; Psalms 51:7, John 19:29-30 

Allium(garlic,leeks,onions);  Numbers 11:5-6

Coriander; Exodus 16:31

Lemon Grass(referred to as ‘Sweet Calamus”) Exodus 30:23

Myrtle; Isaiah 55:13

Bay Leaf; Psalms 37:35

Parsley(not mentioned by name but used during Passover and referenced as being among the “bitter herbs”, Exodus 12:8, Numbers 9:11)   



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