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Medicinal & Healing Herbs You Can Eat



CHAMOMILE German: Reduces anxiety, brings on sleepiness. A compound in chamomile binds to the same receptors as the Valium family of tranquilizers and anti-anxiety drugs. Clinical experiments prove chamomile reduces stress hormone levels significantly. Chamomile also soothes upset stomachs and relieves menstrual cramps. To make a tea: Pick Chamomile flowers and lay out to dry at room temperature. Steep 2 tablespoons of blossoms in boiling water for 10minutes. Drink and enjoy! And be cured!


OREGANO: Clinical studies have found a compound in oregano called carvacrol helps prevent inflammation, which protects against the effects of arthritis. Oregano is also high in several antioxidants including phenols and flavonoids, both of which are thought to protect against chronic diseases such as cancer. Eat It: Add fresh oregano to sauces, poultry, seafood, chili, vinaigrettes, and any other cooking you do! 1 teaspoon is flavoring, 1 tablespoon is enhancing, 2 tablespoons brings out the dish as Oregano Chicken, Oregano topped baked tomatoes, Oregano and garlic spaghetti, AND THE WHOLE time your eating your saving your own life!


PEPPERMINT: Peppermint is a potent stomach-soother. Studies have proven it to relieve digestive distress. A mild anesthetic, peppermint can also ease the pain of sore throats. Menthol, its active ingredient, helps treat colds and congestion. EAT-DRINK IT: A hot or iced tea, or mixed with soda water(and sugar, if desired) for a refreshing beverage. Use fresh leaves simply crushed or chopped. Mint is commonly used in Thai dishes such as spring rolls and nearly ALL their salads! You can make a simple mint sauce by simply crushing leaves and blending with either olive oil, or sugar and vinegar and rubbing or drizzling over meats, lamb, poultry.


ROSEMARY: Known as the “Herb of Remembrance”, rosemary contains more than a dozen antioxidants that slow the breakdown of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that aids in memory and may help ward off Alzheimer’s disease. USE-EAT IT: A classic flavoring for chicken, rosemary works well with almost any poultry, beef, or fish recipe, as well as on potatoes, or on any flatbread. Her again, simply cut, chop, or minced fresh leaves! 1tsp for a hint, 1tbls for a tatse, 2tbs for a “Mmm I like this!”, all the while saving your life!


SAGE: Unequaled studies of multiple health benefits! It has been found to enhance memory, particularly in the elderly!. Sage is an excellent source of vitamin K and is rich in numerous antioxidants.. A 2010 study found sage particularly effective against oxidative stress in liver cells!(beer drinkers EAT SAGE!) . Also proven to be a potent antibacterial, adept at killing common pathogens such as salmonella and staphylococcus. EAT IT! Sage's robust flavor holds up strong to rich ingredients such as meats and cream sauces. Sage is often used in sausages, stuffings, cream pasta sauces and baked goods, especially breads, muffins, and cornbread. You can also brew a tasty tea by steeping fresh leaves in boiling water for a mere 3-5minutes. When usinf in recipes simple chop fresh leaves to the amount of flavor you love! You can also simply sautee fresh leaves in a skillet as "Sage Fritters"!


THYME: In Europe, thyme is a primary source for health care practitioners in a variety of products to treat coughs, bronchitis, emphysema and even asthma. The German Commission E(Germany's Governmental Health Regulatory Agency) considers thyme a bronchospasmolytic, expectorant and antibacterial. USE IT EVERY DAY: Thyme commonly flavors soups, stock, stews. It is a crucial element in many, all!, French and Middle Eastern dishes, including the classic French flavoring "Herbs de Provence". In the Middle east, it is combined with oregano and marjoram in the spice blend "zahtar", used in flatbreads and in all meats! Fresh leaves are used once again if this indispensable culinary determinator! 1tsp hints to its healing capacities!, 1tbs makes it an effective dose during dinner, 2tbs in a crock of soup makes it an enduring healing ingredient of mother nature and your herb garden!


As interpreted and personally infused and used in all his cooking, often to the extremes! (If I can't say Wow! That's, Sage, Rosemary or Thyme)Alan Russell 26 September, 2013! The varieties available in all these Health and Healing herbs lends to NO EXCUSE not to have this simple 6 herb garden both in your yard, garden, and even in an Herb Dish! That can be brought indoors for winter to continue the culinary delights!

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