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Annual growing 1-3ft with graceful, glossy, lacy foliage. Tiny white flowers in umbels. "Santo" is slower to bolt or flower thus giving longer leaf prodution. The foliage is used mostly in latin cooking and is best when fresh. Seeds are also very useful in cooking and popourri. Full sun to partial shade with rich, well-drained soul. Other slow bolting varieties we may carry are "Jantar" and "Sunmaster".`Calypso' is new for 2010 and was bred especially for leaf production and bolts 2 weeks later than others.
1/3c pine nuts
3/4c Asiago or Parmesan cheese
1tbs lemon juice
1/3c olive oil
Combine in a blender adding oil slowly until smooth.Use on/with noodles,chicken,fish,meats.

1/2c chopped CILANTRO leaves
2 large tomatoes diced
4 cloves garlic minced
1/2 red/yellow onion diced
1/2c sweet pepper diced
1tbs lemon/lime juice
Combine all ingredients in a bowl and mix up.Use on bread,nachos,tacos,side to main dishes or just eat with a spoon its so good!

1lb Asparagus cut into 1"pieces;2cups sliced mushrooms;4tbs chopped CILANTRO lvs:Brown mushrooms w/a little butter in frying pan.Add asparagus and cook some more.Add some shallots if you want,salt and pepper and stir.When you think the asaparagus is done add the CILANTRO,stir together and serve ASAP while still hot.A great side for EVERYTHING!

1/2cup sour cream,3tsp lime juice(1 fat lime),1/2cup chopped CILANTRO!Stir everything together and gob on everything your eating!

GARDEN FRESH SALSA(2005 1st place(Blue Ribbon)winner in the Pennsylvania "Simply Delicious"Vegetable Contest!
2-3 large tomatoes(Russell gardens Wholesale heirloom select)peeled,seeded,coarsly chopped
1 to 2 serrano or jalapeno peppers(Russell Grdens Wholesale exclusive World Hottest Pepper selections!),seeded,chopped
1/3cup chopped green onions(scallions,Egyption Onion,or Russell Gardens Wholesale `Forscate'chives!)
3tbs chopped fresh Russell Gardens Wholesale Cilantro`Calypso'
1 fresh garlic clove(Tanners Farm Store)minced
2tbs lime juice(Ask Alan if you can have 2 or 3 off one of his trees)
1/4tsp sea salt(gotta be from the SEA!)
1/2cup canned tomatoe sauce(I say "blender your own,again from a different variety of Alan's heirloom tomatoes!)
Swish everything together(stir gently so you don't mutilate the ingredients)and serve over any kind of tortilla chip or because it taste so good just spoon this delicasy into the 'ol pie-hole and enjoy!

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