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Crocus sativus, lilac, 4-6", October-November. Open saucer-shaped flower with 6 petals and 3 stamens that are pigmented bright orange-red. These are the true stamens used for "saffron" which has now reached $2000.00/lb! on open markets. Saffron is a culinary delight! If you have not cooked with this spice than we now have/are going to allow you that chance of a lifetime! One mere "thread"(stamen) will add color to the most common dish and make it look like Jean Peiree was the mastermind! Beyond simple to grow and hardy,zones 4-8. Grass-like leaves appear in spring to remind you of the spot of your fall harvest in late October, early November that will heighten your culinary concoctions. The leaves die back and the bulb begins its magic. Then when all is seemingly barren and the cold nor-easters are blowing, the witches and gouls of Holloween are restless, you awake one morning and these glorious bulbs have set forth their lilac-puple, striped blossoms with those three magic wands! Hurry for tweezers to extract gingerly these priceless confections! Allow them to dry for a day and use them in your next cuisine! Yellow rice, yellow mashed potatoes, yellow soup, yellow fish, yellow eggs, yellow-out! Any stamens left over store in an airtight glass jar in a dark cabinet. No expiration date! Share with friends if the family's not into seeing yellow! All-in-all a prized fall garden classic.

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